Eng Esp Mary Immaculate
Catholic Church / Pacoima, CA

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers
Eucharistic Ministers
Lectors Ministry
Music and Choir Ministry

Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest/celebrant at mass, special celebrations, weddings, funerals and holy
days. Alter servers gain the knowledge and experience to serve through classroom instruction
and training. Boys and girls who are baptized Catholic and have received First Holy Communion
are welcomed to join.

  • Coordinator: Sergio & Rosa Dieguez – (818) 486-9348 or (818) 486-9328
  • Activities: Service during mass, prayer, sharing time together, trips, picnics
  • Meetings: Varies

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic ministers assist our priests during mass with the distribution of Holy Communion.
Members of this ministry also volunteer to visit and take communion to the sick, in their homes,
with much love and compassion. Ministers are called not only to minister the Body and Blood of
Christ, but also to take on Christ’s likeness. The ministers accomplish this by strengthening their
faith from within and sharing it with the faithful at communion.

  • English Coordinator: Dan Dunkin – 818-453-3481
  • English Meetings: Varies
  • Spanish Coordinator: Gloria Arteaga – (818) 895-2361
  • Spanish Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month

Lectors Ministry

Lectors strive to make the Liturgy of the Word as meaningful as possible for the worshipping
assembly by speaking God’s Word as storyteller, telling how God has acted and is acting in our
lives. The lector ministry seeks individuals who have a love of scripture and public reading

  • English Coordinator: Mary González – 818-899-9798
  • English Meetings: Varies
  • Spanish Coordinator: Arcadio Huitron – 818-433-8427
  • Spanish Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of the month

Music & Choir Ministry

This ministry serves Mary Immaculate Parish through the gift of music. Choir members and
musicians encourage full and active participation of parishioners during liturgies. Weekly
rehearsals are required and lots of practice is encouraged! Everyone is welcomed, especially
those who can play an instrument or sing.

    • 7:00pm – Salome Rodríguez – 818-808-9161
    • 6:00am – Guillermo Montoya – 818-268-0967
    • 8:00am – Esperanza Krebs – 818-894-2035
    • 10:00am – Teresa Chavez – 818-390-3826
    • 12:00pm – Gilberto Sotelo – 818-896-3897
    • 2:00pm – Manuel Sandoval – 818-899-8560
    • 4:00pm – Ausberto Barahona – 818-899-0504
    • 6:00pm – Leonides Sánchez – 818-764-9512
    • 8:00pm – Joaquín Patino – 818-675-3831