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Religious Education

We have a responsibility to ourselves and one another to enter into the process of on-going formation. The spiritual journey does not end at Confirmation, it is intended to be a life long discovery for us that becomes deeper as we mature. We offer formation for all ages. We welcome you as we continue on this faith journey together.

Elementary Religious Education

There are three programs offered in elementary religious education: elementary catechesis which is attended by your children; sacramental catechesis, which is attended by parents at the same time as their children; and post communion, which is attended by children who have received their first communion.

Family Catechesis

Is a 9-month catechism program for First Communion for children from 8 to 12 years. Where the father and mother are the ones to receive the preparation to strengthen their faith and becoming the best catechists for their children, fulfilling what they promised when they were baptized. These classes are taught in a house that is assigned to the family.


RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is not a sacrament, but rather the process by which persons become fully initiated Catholics.

Confirmation for Teens

The Confirmation Program at Mary Immaculate Church is designed for teens between the ages of 14 to 16, to prepare them to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.


LIFE TEEN is a dynamic and exciting youth ministry program for high school students between the ages of 14-17. The program calls teens into a deeper and fuller relationship with Jesus Christ.


The EDGE is a Catholic youth ministry program for early adolescents in grades six, seven, and eight with a mission to transform the lives of middle school youth by leading them closer to Christ.


The Quinceañera preparation program is an 8-week program for young ladies looking to celebrate their coming-of-age mass at Mary Immaculate Church.

Christian Leadership

After Confirmation, the teens are invited to help and lead other teens by modeling Christian values and sharing their faith journey.

Mary Immaculate School

Located in the city of Pacoima, the mission of Mary Immaculate School is to provide excellent preschool through grade 8 education in the Catholic tradition.

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