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News for January

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In Observance of Martin Luther King Jr. our office will be closed on Monday, January 18, 2020.


At this time we are not providing in person classes, but if you want to baptize here at Mary Immaculate church call the parish office for requirements at 818 899 0278. We are accepting the Archdiocese infant baptism course that has been developed by the Office of Worship.


Actualmente se extiende la invitación a todas las personas que son catequistas a participar como tales en el programa del RICA (Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos). Las personas que gusten participar como catequistas deberán tener los siguientes requisitos:

  1. Tener experiencia como catequista
  2. Tener sus huellas dactilares y VIRTUS vigentes
  3. Preferiblemente ser bilingúe (Si no es el caso, no hay ningún problema).

Si desea participar como catequista para el programa de RICA, favor de llamar a la oficina parroquial y dejar su nombre y número de teléfono con el Diácono Martin Orea para contactarles después.

Did You Know?

Building a strong parent-teen relationship

As pandemic lockdowns continue, parents and teenage children are spending more and more time together. It is not always easy to connect with teens, because they often feel their parents do not understand them and prefer to confide in their friends instead. Nevertheless, the time at home offers an opportunity for parent-teen relationships to evolve and for trust to grow in developmentally appropriate ways. Teens need the guidance and support of a parent as an important balance to the permissive understanding of a “friendship” relationship. As children become teenagers, parental authority does not diminish but may be better served by involving the teens in a dialogue about rules and limits. For more information on building relationships with your teenagers, visit https://lacatholics.org/did-you-know/.

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