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News for June

CEF Receives $50 Million Donation to Provide Scholarships to Deserving New Students

Catholic school students are now back in the classroom — on the road toward graduation and becoming the future leaders of tomorrow! The Catholic Education Foundation of Los Angeles has received a $50 million gift to provide financial support to new elementary and high school students enrolling in an Archdiocesan school in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Families interested in Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic schools are encouraged to visit lacatholicschools.org or call (213) 637-7070 for more information and access to financial assistance. Schools are enrolling now for fall. Catholic education is affordable and tuition assistance is available!

Religious Education Program

Accepting Applications Beginning June for baptized children ages 7-12.
2 year program Classes in Spanish or English.
For more information, contact the Religious Education Office at (818) 899-2111.

School Corner – Parish Bulletin

With Jesus Christ as the center of our school, teachers are inspired to teach with the same love and compassion as our Savior. His call to teach is our inspiration. We instill in our students a love for Jesus and our Catholic faith the minute they walk into our classrooms. In partnership with parents, we prepare our students to become full and active members of the Catholic Church. Students understand the importance of serving others and spreading the Good News of our Catholic faith. In addition to forming our students spiritually, we, at Mary Immaculate School, are committed to providing students with a quality education that becomes an advantage for life. Our students are accepted into Catholic high schools with Honors and continue on to college. Our teachers are highly qualified with Teaching Credentials, Master’s Degrees, and over 100 years of teaching experience combined. We invite you to come and see what a Catholic education can do for your child! We are currently accepting new student applications for TK-7th grade. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Please stop by the school office to pick up an application or call for more information at 818-834-8551 or email our school principal at vmacias@maryimmaculateschool.org.

Did you know?

Foster one-on-one relationships safely

One-on-one time with trusted adults is healthy for children and helps them to build self-esteem and long-term relationships. You can protect your child while still ensuring they have time and opportunity to build these relationships. You can drop in unexpectedly when your child is with another adult, even if that person is a trusted family member. Insist on observable outings, in public places. Talk with your child after an outing, noting his mood or her ability to confidently tell you what happened. For more information, visit https://www.d2l.org/education/5-steps/step-2/.

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