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Be Clean!

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“A leper came to him [and kneeling down] begged him and said, ‘If you wish, you can make me clean.’ Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand, touched him, and said to him, ‘I do will it. Be made clean.’ The leprosy left him immediately, and he was made clean.” Mark 1:40-42

“Christ Cleansing a Leper” by Jean-Marie Melchior Doze, 1864

I want to thank all of you who have given to Together in Mission in past years. I can assure you that the funds you gave have helped not only to provide ministry but also to keep the doors open at many of the parishes and schools supported by the campaign. Each of us is called to share his or her gifts in support of the Church. We must first support our parish and then our Archdiocese and the Church throughout the world. Together in Mission is the most effective way to support ministry outside of our parish boundaries.

Archbishop Gomez will be sending a letter, this week, to past contributors to the Together in Mission campaign. If you receive this letter, please respond with a generous pledge to support the ministries, programs and services provided by the parishes and schools that receive these funds. Please read and reflect upon the Together in Mission materials that you received today. Together in Mission provides substantial financial support to 80 parishes and 63 schools in our Archdiocese. These parishes and schools provide education, ministry and a Catholic presence for tens of thousands of people.

The theme of the campaign is “Let us Love” was influenced by Our Holy Father’s Declaration of the First World Day of The Poor. Together in Mission provides an opportunity to show our concern for those served by the parishes and schools that need your financial support. As each parish household prayerfully reflects on the amount of the pledge to be made to help these parishes and schools, please reflect on the following questions.

Do I really believe that I have a duty to help others who are in need? Is what I give to the work of the Church enough to show how grateful I am for what God has given me? Do I appreciate how important every contribution to Together
in Mission is to the people in the subsidized parishes and schools?

Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you consider the above questions and give generously, according to what God has given to you and support Mary Immaculate reach its Goal of $70,494.00 to support the parishes and schools of the Archdiocese.

We invite all parishioners who have previously contributed to return their commitment card in the coming weeks and on Sundays 18 and 25 of February we will be inviting in all the Masses to make their commitment for this great work. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Fr. Abel Loera,

Readings for the Week

Monday: Jas 1:1-11; Ps 119:67-68, 71-72, 75-76; Mk 8:11-13
Tuesday: Jas 1:12-18; Ps 94:12-13a, 14-15, 18-19; Mk 8:14-21
Wednesday: Jl 2:12-18; Ps 51:3-6ab, 12-14, 17; 2 Cor 5:20 — 6:2; Mt 6:1-6, 16-18
Thursday: Dt 30:15-20; Ps 1:1-4, 6; Lk 9:22-25
Friday: Is 58:1-9a; Ps 51:3-6ab, 18-19; Mt 9:14-15
Saturday: Is 58:9b-14; Ps 86:1-6; Lk 5:27-32
Sunday: Gn 9:8-15; Ps 25:4-9; 1 Pt 3:18-22; Mk 1:12-15