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Happy Mother’s Day

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“My sheep hear my voice.” John 10:27

The love of a mother is incomparable, only the love that God has for each one of us surpasses it. A mother is the example that most resembles the love of God has for us, but although her love is very great towards her son, does not reach the level of God’s incomparable love for their children.

But God has been so nice in depositing on a mother a love that allows her to do the impossible for a child and that is something that we need to value …..

We have some biblical examples of a mother’s love.
– The love of agar for his son (Genesis 21:16)
– The love he had for the mother of Moses (Exodus 2:3)
– The love that Samuel’s mother had for him (Samuel 2:19)
– The love of the mother in the time of Solomon (1 Kings 3:26)
– The love of the Canaanite mother (St. Matthew 15:22)
– The courage that the mother of Jesus had to be able to bear the sufferings of her son (Saint John 19:25). Given this, what attitude should you have toward a mother?
– Honor our mother (Exodus 20:12)
– Have an attitude regarding our mother (Leviticus 19:3)
– Do not dishonor her (Deuteronomy 27:16)
– Do not underestimate the teaching of our mother (Proverbs 30:17)
– Obedience (Ephesians 6:1)

Without hesitation a mother is a gift from God, her love for us is very great for which we must honor her not only on a special day like this, but every day of her existence, so that we can please God.

Readings of the Week

Monday: Acts 11:1-18; Ps 42:2-3; 43:3, 4; Jn 10:1-10
Tuesday: Acts 1:15-17, 20-26; Ps 113:1-8; Jn 15:9-17
Wednesday: Acts 12:24 — 13:5a; Ps 67:2-3, 5, 6, 8; Jn 12:44-50
Thursday: Acts 13:13-25: Ps 89:2-3, 21-22, 25, 27; Jn 13:16-20
Friday: Acts 13:26-33; Ps 2:6-11ab; Jn 14:1-6
Saturday: Acts 13:44-52; Ps 98:1-4; Jn 14:7-14
Sunday: Acts 14:21-27; Ps 145:8-13; Rv 21:1-5a; Jn 13:31-33a, 34-35