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With weekly gatherings in groups large and small, retreats, service projects, and regular Mass attendance, confirmation candidates will come to discover and embrace their faith in preparation for their reception of the sacrament of confirmation.

  • Coordinators: Javier & Carolina Hinojosa 818-899-0278 ext.1018 or press 7
  • Members: 220 adolescents in the program and 30 team members
  • Meetings: Please contact the coordinators for more information


LIFE TEEN isn’t like every other youth program that you’ve experienced. It’s not your parent’s CCD! LIFE TEEN is a Catholic ministry that intends to guide the youth to Christ by way of a dynamic Mass and LIFE NIGHT: a fun evening with lots of energy that reaches them in four ways—spiritually, emotionally, socially, and educationally.

The Mass is planned for the youth: with music using sounds they know—drums, electric guitars, and synthesizers. The homily includes topics that are important to the youth—friends, family, work, school, drugs, suicide, peer pressure, and what the Gospel has to say about them. Imagine a Church full of young people singing and praising God, clapping and moving with the music, participating in the great gift of the Eucharist.

LIFE NIGHT is an hour and a half from 5:30 – 7:00pm full of laughter, parodies, music, food, and opportunities to share, learn, and pray with other youth who want to understand life, just like you do. The LIFE TEEN Mass has been designed for the youth, but all are welcome. Bring your little siblings, your parents, even your grandparents. Most importantly bring your friends whether they’re Catholic or not. But remember that LIFE NIGHT which happens after the Mass is only for the youth.

  • Coordinators: Javier & Carolina Hinojosa (818) 899-0278
  • Members: 100 Approximately
  • Meetings: Sunday Mass at 4:00pm
  • LIFE NIGHT: 5:30-7:00pm in the Fr. Luciano Hall


For the development and strengthening of the youth who have recently been confirmed, for spiritual preparation, fellowship, and opportunities to lead others.

  • Coordinators: Javier & Carolina Hinojosa (818) 899-0278
  • Members: 30
  • Activities: weekly gatherings, monthly prayer, planning meetings, events, and service projects


This program provides the youth who aren’t actively involved in formal catequesis (confirmation) with an opportunity for Christian fellowship. The youth will be introduced to the Catholic faith, values, and teachings in a fun way and in a relaxed environment that includes talks, games, and other social activities. The youth are invited to experience an environment of love that promotes freedom to talk about the problems that youth face.

  • Coordinators: Carolina & Javier Hinojosa – (818) 899-0278
  • Members: 20-30
  • Activities: weekly gatherings about topics of faith, social justice, community activities, sports, service, fundraising events, trips, and a retreat


The goal of this program is to help the young ladies to have a Quinceañera that is meaningful. Our program consists of a retreat before the Quinceañera. With young leaders, the ladies will receive talks that intend to help them obtain good morals and values and experience the love of God. The young ladies must be registered with the Confirmation program.

  • Coordinator: Jocelyn Gonzalez – (818) 899-0278
  • Members: six leaders
  • Activities: songs, prayer, games, discussions, retreats

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