Eng Esp Mary Immaculate
Catholic Church / Pacoima, CA

News for December

Program for “Las Posadas”

12/16/2017: Monaguillos, Lectio Divina, y Movimiento Familiar
12/18/2017: Grupo de Oración, y Caballeros de Colon y Encuentro Matrimonial
12/19/2017: Ministerio de Hospitalidad y Guardianes del Santísimo
12/20/2017: Lectores y Ministros Ext. de la Comunión (Ingles y Español)
12/21/2017: Grupo Guadalupano, Justicia Social, y Jóvenes para Cristo
12/22/2017: Educación Religiosa, Familias Fuertes en Cristo, RICA, y Ministerio Juvenil
12/23/2017: Fiesta de Agradecimiento-organizada por los sacerdotes Padre Abel Loera y Padre Walter Paredes, para todos los ministerios y servidores parroquiales. No habrá confesiones este sábado.

Did You Know?

Neglect is a common form of abuse
Neglect is the most common form of child abuse. It is the failure to meet a child’s basic needs, including housing, food, clothing, education, safety and access to health care. Neglect is most often characterized by acts of omission that aren’t easy to see. The signs of neglect are wide and varied, and may include: failure to develop and grow appropriately, or malnourishment, among infants; wearing inadequate clothing for the weather; and children who seem to be wholly responsible for the welfare of their siblings. If you know that any type of abuse is occurring, or if a child discloses to you, it is important to communicate these concerns to the appropriate authorities. Call your local law enforcement or child protective services department to report suspected abuse of any kind. For a copy of the VIRTUS® article “The Oft-Forgotten Type of Abuse: Neglect,” visit: http://www.laarchdiocese.org/org/protecting/Pages/VIRTUS-Current-OnlineArticles.aspx
or call (213) 637-7508.