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In the Vineyard

Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

As usual, today’s first and third scripture readings are obviously related, with the second continuing one of Paul’s Letters—these days, the Letter to the Philippians. The vineyard stories from Isaiah and Matthew both talk about evildoers coming to a bad end. In Isaiah, it’s the vineyard itself that produces “wild grapes” instead of the crop the owner dreamed of and worked for. So it will be “trampled” and “overgrown with thorns.” In Matthew, those to whom the owner leased the vineyard destroy the dream. So the owner “will put those wretched men to a wretched death and lease his vineyard to other tenants” (Matthew 21:41). Yes, if we reject divine love we come to a bad end. And with all this talk of the unfaithful being trampled and thrown out, it’s consoling to hear Paul’s message to the Philippians, who were by no means perfect. “Have no anxiety at all,” Paul said. “Then the God of peace will be with you” (Philippians 4:6, 9).


Living God’s Word

St. Paul calls us to set aside anxiety and to make known to God any requests we have for more fruitful lives. In prayer we will find that “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

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Readings for the Week

Monday: Gal 1:6-12; Ps 111:1b-2, 7-9, 10c; Lk 10:25-37
Tuesday: Gal 1:13-24; Ps 139:1b-3, 13-15; Lk 10:38-42
Wednesday: Gal 2:1-2, 7-14; Ps 117:1bc, 2; Lk 11:1-4
Thursday: Gal 3:1-5; Lk 1:69-75; Lk 11:5-13
Friday: Gal 3:7-14; Ps 111:1b-6; Lk 11:15-26
Saturday: Gal 3:22-29; Ps 105:2-7; Lk 11:27-28
Sunday: Is 25:6-10a; Ps 23:1-6; Phil 4:12-14, 19-20; Mt 22:1-14 [1-10]

Saints & Special Observances

Sunday: Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time; Respect Life Sunday
Monday: St. Bruno; Bl. Marie Rose Durocher
Tuesday: Our Lady of the Rosary
Wednesday: Sukkot (Jewish harvest festival) begins at sunset
Thursday: St. Denis and Companions; St. John Leonardi
Saturday: Blessed Virgin Mary