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News for February 2021


The Rite of Election marks the final, more intense period of preparation of catechumens for the sacraments of initiation, known as the Purification and Enlightenment. Acknowledging God’s choice of the catechumens, the Church accepts their readiness for the sacraments (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) nos. 118-119. Archbishop Jose H. Gomez delegated the Pastors and Administrators to preside the Rite of Election on Sunday , February 21, 2021.


At this time we are not providing in person classes, but if you want to baptize here at Mary Immaculate church call the parish office for requirements at 818-899-0278. We are accepting the Archdiocese infant baptism course that has been developed by the Office of Worship. Visit the link below : https://lacatholics.org/baptism/

Did You Know?

Identifying risky behaviors online

As virtual learning continues, children are spending most of their days online. With their own jobs and responsibilities, parents likely cannot stand behind them and supervise their every move. So, it is more important than ever to assess your child’s online activities periodically. Make sure you know which sites they are visiting, and who they are talking to on social media sites. Discuss risky behaviors with your children, like posting personal information (full name, age, location, school information, and more) using inappropriate language, or accessing sites with questionable content. For more information, get a copy of the VIRTUS article “Risky Online Behaviors and Young People” from https://lacatholics.org/did-youknow/.

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