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News for the Month of July

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for July

“Prayer Intention –Lapsed Christians: That our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith, through our prayer and witness to the Gospel, may rediscover the merciful closeness of the Lord and the beauty of the Christian life.”

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Your love as husband and wife is a gift to one another as well as a gift from God. Attend a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend to receive the tools needed to make the most of this precious gift. Deepen your communication, strengthen your relationship, rekindle your romance and renew your sacrament by attending the next WWME weekend July 28-30 in Simi Valley or Sep 29 – Oct 1 in Palmdale. Go online to www.twocanlove.org for more information. We help make good marriages better.


Registration for Confirmation Classes will be:
August 21-22, from 6:00pm through 8:00 pm

Office Hours

From June 26 to August 31st
Monday – Thursday from 1:00PM – 6:00PM

VIRTUS Training

July 21st from 6:00 – 9:00pm in the Father Luciano Hall.

VIRTUS Renewal

July 21st en Auditorium #2 from 6:00 – 7:30pm.


If you need an announcement to be said on Sunday after each mass please let our Liturgical coordinator Jesús Jimenez.

Practice home security with your entire family

It is important for parents and children to get into a routine of safety. One of the major components of a good personal safety program is awareness. You can build awareness habits by following these tips: check surroundings when you leave and return home every day, make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving home,and keep your car locked when you are in or out of it. To request a copy of the VIRTUS article “Make it a Habit to Practice Home Security Without Looking Like it’s a Habit, Part 1,” email jvienna@la-archdiocese.org or call (213) 637-7227.

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