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News for October

Raffle Tickets sent Home

We ask that if you have finished selling your raffle tickets, please bring the stubs of these together with the proceeds to the parish office before November 8. Thank you for your support!

Called to Renew

We thank all families who have pledged their support for our Called to Renew campaign. Your support towards the construction of our pastoral center is appreciated. If you would like to make a payment or pledge, please contact the parish office.

Called to Renew September Report 2023
Goal: $920,000.00
Total Pledged: $596,391.05
Total Paid: $150,050.05

Feast of St. Jude

Our Feast of Saint Jude is approaching. We ask those who can support with non-perishable food items that can be used for food sales, such as sugar, chocolate, Maseca, rice, beans, napkins, Homily etc. Thank you.

Together in Mission

Report October 17, 2023
Goal: $90,167.00
Total Pledge: $64,766.02
Total Paid: $60,960.18

World Mission Sunday

Today, we celebrate World Mission Sunday, heeding Pope Francis’s call
Embrace the Pope’s Missions with “Hearts on Fire, Feet on the Move” this World Mission Sunday! Today, Pope Francis echoes the universal call of our Baptism – to be Christ’s witnesses to the world. As we gather with global Catholics on this World Mission Sunday, our prayers and contributions to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith bolster the Pope’s missions,

  • enabling: Over 844,000 catechists to share the faith
  • 258,540 Religious Sisters to tend to families and children
  • 38,140 seminarians to journey towards the priesthood
  • Education for 26 million children
  • Medical assistance in 12,000 clinics
  • Comfort in 8,750 homes for the orphaned and elderly.

By supporting this cause, we truly live out the call to be the spark that transforms lives. May your prayers and gifts create ripples of love and transformation. Thank you for your missionary zeal!

St. Luke | October 18

Saint Luke, sometimes called The Evangelist, is the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles and a physician. There is some debate about how he came to Christianity, though many believe he was a gentile convert. Tradition holds him to be a native of Antioch, Syria, possibly a slave. Most of what we know of Luke comes from Scripture, he was an eloquent and proficient writer, penning with accuracy the events he recounted. He is viewed as one of the best historical sources of the time.

Luke was a close companion of Paul’s, joining him at Troas about year 51 and going with him to Macedonia and Philippi. Their paths diverged and met again as they journeyed to spread the Good News. Luke remained with Paul until the latter was martyred in Rome.

Saint Luke’s Gospel is viewed as one of social justice, giving special attention to the poor. He also emphasizes gentiles hearing the message of Christ. It is the only Gospel with Mary’s Magnificat, and spends the most time illuminating the lives of the other women around Jesus.

Accounts of Luke’s death are conflicting, some say he was martyred shortly after Paul others that he lived a long life completing his Gospel in Greece and dying at 84. He is the patron saint of physicians.

Did You Know?

What are the rules about minors serving as volunteers?

It is the job of adults — not minors — to protect children from harm and abuse. However, many minors are also volunteers at school and at church, which sometimes makes it difficult to know what roles minors should play. Within programs or ministries, there should always be an adult in an official supervisory role. Minors should be helping, but never directly in charge of younger children. Meeting this standard can be challenging but it is important in keeping all children, including minor volunteers, safe. For more information, read the VIRTUS® article “Minors Who Are Serving or Assisting in Volunteer-Type Activities” at https://lacatholics.org/did-you-know.

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