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Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes from February 2013

Members Present

Teresa Montaño, Matilde Luna, Margarita Villalobos, Estela Picazo, Ricky Jones, Marco López, Padre Víctor Santoyo, Zoila Barahona.

New Members

Ismael Hernández and Juan González

Renewing The Pastoral Plan

Father Victor stated that we need to review and renew our Pastoral Plan according to the parish needs and our reality. The method that he proposed we use is:

  • SEE-our reality, who we are;
  • JUDGE-analyze our reality according to the Word of God;
  • ACT-what would Jesus do in our situation, in our reality? This will be our mission.

He stated that we do not have to rewrite everything, but work with what we already have and make sure that we are working for the general objective. We must follow the bylaws for a Pastoral Plan that the archdiocese recommends. We have to apply these bylaws to our own reality, to our life at Mary Immaculate. When we are looking into our reality, we have to determine if we are serving a need of our community. The mission has to respond to Mary Immaculate in 2013. We as the Parish Council will write the outline of the Pastoral Plan and the different ministries will fill in their specific objectives. We, the Parish Council, might present the parish with a general objective. The pastoral plan must include that we are evangelizers and God servers. Once the plan is all written up, we would have to attach to it all the monthly events and activities of all the different ministries at Mary Immaculate. All the ministries must participate in the renewal of the Pastoral Plan. Father Victor also stated that we will have a workshop to explain to all the ministries how to write the goals and specific objectives for their ministry.

Next Meeting

March 21, 2013.

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