English Español Mary Immaculate
Catholic Church / Pacoima, CA

Service Ministries

Parking Lot Ministry

This ministry helps to maintain order in the parish parking lot on Sundays to allow traffic to circulate quickly between each Mass.

  • Coordinator: Benjamin Duran (747)998-3335
  • Meetings: contact coordinator
  • Members: anyone can volunteer in this ministry
  • Language: spanish

Social Justice Committee

  • Coordinadtor: Raul Sandoval – 818-317-3619 – raulsandoval07@oultook.com
  • Meetings: contact coordinator
  • Members: anyone can volunteer in this ministry
  • Language: spanish
  • Activities: organizing forums, health fairs, citizenship classes, volunteer help during parish events

Hospitality Ministry (Ushers)

The ushers are trusted to promote a feeling of welcome and belonging to all of the parishioners gathered for Mass. They are the first point of contact for the celebration of the liturgy, and for that reason, they should take special measures to be living representatives of the parish mission statement. The ushers minister to the community in an active way: freeing each person of distractions during the Mass, by way of maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

  • English Coordinator: call the office for more info
  • Spanish Coordinator: Antonia Sandoval – 818-503-7668
  • Members: anyone 18 years and older
  • Meetings: vary

Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry is a team of men and women, trusting in the Holy Spirit for the guidance of this great ministry; valuing humility, sacrifice, respect, culture, honesty and solidarity. The purpose of this ministry is: console and serve the members of the family who is mourning the loss of a loved one, so that they can experience the consolation of God and the care of the parish community; invite members of the family to return to the Church who have strayed because of their loss or pain; encourage their hearts and welcome them into a deeper relationship with Christ and His Church. This group accompanies the family during the nine days of mourning helping them with the Holy Rosary offered for the eternal repose of their loved one.

  • Coordinator: Deacon Jose Cruz
  • Meetings: contact the coordinator
  • Members: anyone 18 years and older
  • Language: spanish

Projection Ministry

This ministry utilizes the projection as means of encouraging participations from the faithful during the Holy Mass.

  • Coordinator: Abraham Cano – 818-233-2540 – thesim22@hotmail.com
  • Meetings: contact the coordinator
  • Members: any computer savvy person 18 years or older
  • Language: bilingual

Accessibility Statement